Blog Update

Hello and sorry for my absence.  I have been busy starting my own business – Connected Heart Cranial Sacral.  I will be using this blog to post information about Cranial Sacral Therapy and health from now on.  Thank you for reading my posts. 💌



Did you know that our closest cousin, the orangutan, shares 97% of our DNA? Orangutan means person of the forest and they are the most endangered primates in the world. Love Nature TV, 05/31/2017.


Did you know that sloths in the Amazon even have really slow digestion that takes them a month to digest food so they only climb down from the trees once a week to relieve themselves? Love Nature TV, 09/10/16.


Did you know that the Alaskan Wood frog freezes in winter like a block of ice? It stops breathing and its heart stops until spring when it thaws out and carries on it way! Science Dump, March 7, 2015.


Did you know that the Komodo dragon is the largest venomous reptile in the world? Best not to be around them if you have an open wound and the dragons are hungry!!
Life series with Richard Attenborough, BBC Television.


Did you know that Austin, Texas has the largest urban bat colony in the world? The Congress Avenue bridge has the perfect crevices underneath for the migrating Mexican free tailed bats to roost. 1.5 million bats fly out every night in the summer to eat insects bringing 100,000 visitors to Austin each year. www.batcon.org, Globetreker TV,2015.


Did you know that there are only two egg laying mammals in the world and they are both found in Australia? The echidna – a small spiny looking anteater and the platypus. Richard Attenborough (Life of Mammals).

#AAF #49

Did you know that the Grouper fish can change their sex? At 5 years they become female (for reproduction) and when they are much older they go back to being male! They can also live up to 50 years! Happy Pride Groupers! WWF post on Google+, 08/15/15.


Did you know that owls can turn their necks 270 degrees and that their hearing is 10 times better than ours? The Nature of Things, 02/2015.


Did you know that some larger spiders have 8 eyes? Some (4 eyes) are to look around with and check for predators while they eat. The other 4 are for looking at their food. If I had 4 eyes for eating, I’d be huge! Good thing I’m not a spider! Wild Kratts TV, Jan, 2015.