Month: May 2014


Did you know that Stanley Park in Vancouver BC,  is home to the largest population of Herons in North America?  This is strange because human activity usually causes them to abandon their nests.  They are a species at risk and when they are courting, males and females cross bills!


Did you know that hyenas have really strong jaws and digestion that allows them to eat skin and bones and get nutrition from them?  Not much is left after they eat except hair, hooves and horns that are thrown up as pellets!


Did you know that the Bald Eagle likes to harass and steal food from the Osprey?  The largest Bald Eagle ever recorded was 6.1 meters tall and the nest weighed in at two metric tons!!!!!  Wow!


Did you know that a group of rats is called a mischief and that they are the largest group of mammals in the world?  New York City has 70 million rats!!!


Did you know that the tokay gecko can break off it’s own tail when threatened, giving it time to run away while the tail continues to move violently for a few mnutes?  They grow back another tail in about 3 weeks.  By Jaime Corl –


Did you know Caribou migrate 3000 miles a year and that they are the only deer where both the male and female have antlers?  They can run 50 miles an hour so don’t piss them off!!


Did you know that owls are active at dusk and dawn and when they bob and weave their heads, it’s too improve their three dimensional vision?  A group of owls is called a parliament!!!  That explains the government completely!, 2014.


Did you know that Koala bears are not bears at all but marsupials that carry their young ( a joey ) in a pouch?  They also sleep 18-20 hours a day!!!  I’m coming back as a Koala!!!, 2014.


Did you know that the small brown bat eats 1000 mosquitoes in an hour and they are one of the longest living mammals, living 40 years!  Large bats have wing spans that are 6 feet too!


Did you know that there are about 60 different lemur species on Madagascar?  The mouse lemur is the smallest primate in the world and the most famous lemur is the Verreaux’s sifaka that actually dances like a ballet dancer making it very popular with tourists.