Month: July 2014


Did you know that our fingers prune up underwater so that we can grip things better? An evolutionary trait from our brain to help us survive! #2335


Did you know that there is a type
of sea cucumber called a sea pig
that lives in the deepest and coldest parts of the ocean? It’s
light pink with 5 to 7 pairs of
legs that it can inflate and deflate while it walks around on
the ocean floor feeding on the corpses of anything the dies and sinks to the bottom. They travel in the hundreds, into the current to detect food sources.


Did you know that meerkats always have a sentry – one member of the gang to look out for them while they search for food?  They all have dark circles of hair around their eyes to shield them from the sun, much the same as football players with the black smudge under their eyes.  This allows them to see predators in the desert sun.



Did you know that when Zebras are together and one goes missing they will go looking for the missing one until they find it? And when they are travelling, the most dominant mare is at the front of the line with the next ranking mares behind her.  The stallion may be the most dominant member of the group but he has no special place in the line.  At least the Zebras have it figured out!!!


Did you know that the Peregrine Falcon is the fastest flying bird on earth – 200 miles an hour!  They eat songbirds, bats and ducks and catch their food in mid-air.   www.


Did you know that a rhinoceros can sleep standing up and that they have bad eye sight?  Their horns are made out of keratin like our fingernails so it’s useless as a cure for anything!