Month: October 2014


Did you know that they are these wild cats called ocelots that look like small leopards living in southern Texas and South America? They are very good swimmers and don’t avoid water like most cats.
They are endangered because of their fur and loss of habitat.


Did you know that foxes have whiskers on their legs too so they can sense their way around? Female foxes are called vixens.
According to Garry Rogers, male foxes are called reynards!


Did you know that a rabbit’s teeth never stop growing and that they can run 30-40 miles an hour! The largest rabbit in the world is named Darius and he weighs 50lbs! He thinks he’s a dog – I’m not going to argue with him!!

Animal Defenders International

Animal Defenders International is asking everyone to support a Bill that bans the use of wild animals in circus acts in the United Kingdom. Please email your MP and ask them to support this Bill before it goes to the floor on October 17th, 2014. Thank you for your help!


Did you know that the pink and red colour of a flamingo’s feathers are because they eat the pigments in algae and invertebrates? They may stand on leg to conserve body heat. (Andrea Thompson & Alina Bradford)